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Coaches Football is a Unique Set of Sports Psychology Resources for the Football Coach

Every football coach is unique, with his own personal coaching philosophy and approach to winning. However, few will deny how important the mental game is today for coaches intent on building a dynasty and helping their players become their absolute best.  Because every player needs to be trained and treated differently, having a sports psychology program in place is a great resource to initiate from day one of training camp.  While this may only involve one dedicated visit per week by the sport psychologist, the attention provided to both the individual player and the team as a whole will pay off handsomely when the season begins. Whether you are coaching football at the high school, college or professional level, Dr. John F. Murray can develop and implement a sports psychology program that you and your players will be proud of. The evaluations will help your coaching staff treat each player in an optimal manner. Your players will be more motivated, focused and confident than ever. Your team will click on all cylinders mentally!


Dr. John F. Murray is Pleased to Offer
  • Individual Mental Coaching
  • Mental Coaching for Units on the Team
  • Lectures and Workshops for the Entire Team
  • Individual Mental Skills Evaluations
  • Team Ratings and Reports with the Mental Performance Index (MPI)
  • Consultation to the Head Coach and Coaching Staff
  • Clinical Psychology Services when Necessary
  • Crisis Management
  • Pre-Game Talks
  • Other Services as Needed by Coach

Call Dr. John F. Murray today for more infomation about helping your team be the best they can be at 561-596-9898

                                                                                                                                Give your Team a Winning Advantages with Coaches Football


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